What goes around, comes around – A story of encouragement

A few weeks back, I happened to meet (virtually, not in person!) an incredible blogger called Vidya Sury. Every day, I look forward with keen anticipation to her blog posts simply because they radiate positivity and are truly uplifting!

I am proud to announce that Vidya has hosted my post What goes around, comes around – A story of encouragement as a Guest Post on her blog. This is my first Guest Post, and I am honoured that Vidya is hosting it! Thank you, Vidya.

Please proceed to Vidya’s blog to read my post. Please also make it a point to visit Vidya’s about me page and her other blog posts and get your dose of positivity!

6 thoughts on “What goes around, comes around – A story of encouragement

  1. Great getting to know Vidya, a really multifaceted personality indeed!
    The blog on Deepak Kumar is extremely telling. He is lucky to have a caring boss who recognizes talent and potential and handholds his staff. Such people are a rarity these days. May their tribe increase.

    • Thank you, Nagesh. I loved Pro’s story because I have been lucky to receive as well as give this kind of encouragement. “may his tribe increase” is one of my favorite phrases.

  2. I came over to your blog from Vidya’s blog. What you’ve said about her posts is so true, they always exude positivity and happiness.

    It is great to connect with you. Looking forward to reading more from you,

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