About the blog

Thank you for visiting my blog!

My blog is mostly based on thought-provoking incidents in India and abroad that I have myself experienced or witnessed, or heard from extremely reliable sources, or read/seen/heard in the media.

Several of my posts will be related to social ills like discrimination, corruption, etc. Social ills are perpetrated by all kinds of people, irrespective of age, gender, religion, caste, economic status, educational background, profession, place of residence, etc. To prevent any kind of inadvertent stereotyping, I will try to avoid assigning names to private persons involved in all incidents.

My posts on social ills will generally focus on India. However, I am aware that many social ills exist not only in India, but in many other countries as well, perhaps the whole world.

My posts on social ills are not an exercise in finger-pointing. I do not claim to be a paragon of virtue. If posts involving me generally portray me in a positive light, please remember that, like most humans, I am prone to self-praise!

I look forward to your comments. I believe in freedom of expression. I also believe that freedom of expression carries with it the responsibility to be polite and restrained. We all have the right to disagree without being disagreeable. All comments are subject to moderation.

I look forward to your repeated visits. Please also feel free to get in touch with me at proactiveindian@rediffmail.com


2 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Good very interesting observations – I agree that we are simply resigned to poor service many times. Maybe it is just cultural – or am I offering an excuse? – I do not know.

    My visits to banks are almost nil (not really needed) – but fortunately have been generally positive whenever I get the chance to visit the bank – ICICI and HDFC in my case. I generally keep my expectations ‘low’ – so keeps my mental outlook positive!

    I read somewhere that – it is good to be a pessimist – because you are either constantly proven right – OR – pleasantly surprised.

    I welcome such surprises!

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