Private advice: drink until you forget! (33 Fiction)

“Sir, how do we eradicate hunger, illiteracy, corruption and crime?”

“All these are just states of mind. The solution is very simple! Keep drinking zombies until you forget them and fall blissfully asleep!!”

This post has been written for Trifecta : Week Ninety Eight writing challenge where the post had to use the following definition of Zombie : a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur and fruit juice.

11 thoughts on “Private advice: drink until you forget! (33 Fiction)

  1. Thank God Morarjibhai is not around as the PM!
    What are the views on prohibition of the BJP ‘annointee’?
    The highest consumption of spirits is from the Mahatmaji’s birthplace Porbunder.
    When a distillery offerred a prize for the highest sale, the highest consumption was found to be from Porbunder!

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