Thank you, Mr. Shyam Sunder!

We all have read and heard that people above the age of 60 years are at greater risk from Covid19, and that, among other steps they need to take to reduce their chances of getting infected, they must practise social distancing much more stringently than younger people.
This would lead us to believe that people above the age of 60 years would not be able to help others during the lockdown.
Mr. Shyam Sunder, 66 of Chennai has proved that this is not necessarily the case.
From Day 1 of the lockdown in India, he has created one Word Puzzle every day. These puzzles are circulated by WhatsApp to over 330 persons. Many of these persons circulate the puzzles to one or more WhatsApp groups each. Thus, every day, Mr. Shyam Sunder’s Word Puzzles reach over 1,000 persons all over the world! Of course, not all these persons solve these Word Puzzles, but it would be safe to say that around 200 persons solve these Word Puzzles each day. By keeping people occupied for a couple of hours every day in an indoor activity that they enjoy, these Word Puzzles have helped them to some extent to deal with the stress caused by the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic.
While all this appears a minute and trivial part of the current situation, many of Mr. Shyam Sunder’s newly acquired fans, none of whom has met him, have acknowledged his Word Puzzles as a stress buster. Some comments are:
SV: Heck, wishing you a good morning has become problematic!
Because my wishes are sincere.
And the number of poeple wishing you good morning as a nudge for Shyam Sunder’s Word Puzzles must be legion.
NM: Today’s puzzle was great! Looking forward to the next one. My school group, college group and other family groups enjoyed it. Thanks.
SL: When is today’s Word Puzzle coming? All my other groups are asking. That’s how popular Mr. Shyam Sunder has become. (This message was posted approximately 45 minutes after the usual time at which the Word Puzzle is posted.)
AM: A puzzle a day keeps the psychiatrist away!
PP: I think I’ve become a puzzlaholic!
SV: Is there a blog page where SS can be thanked? His fans would like to express their appreciation.
It is in response to the last message that I have published this blog post after a hibernation of almost 5 years!
Thank you, Mr. Shyam Sunder!

69 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. Shyam Sunder!

  1. Dear Mr. Shyam Sunder,
    Thank you very much for your interesting and mind boggling quizzes. It had really made me think and made the lockdown interesting and bearable. I salute you for making life better for all of us with your innovative quizzes. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks, Shyam Sundarji, for your mind tickling puzzles regularly posted from Fremont California by my brother Nazarali to all our relatives. It is very innovative and challenging to solve and we really look forward everyday in this lockdown. God bless you. Best wishes for all your hard work.

  3. Mr Shyam Sunder, you have made the day very challenging and interesting, allowing people to be weaned away of other covid problems. Cheers to your diligence and efforts!

  4. Shyam Sunder Sir, more often than not, I am simply baffled by your puzzles and for the most part, I am puzzled as to how someone can have so much intellect to create these puzzles in the first place! I strongly recommend that you collect all of them and publish a book of Puzzles. I am positive it will sell. You should also consider contributing a puzzle each day to major newspapers in the world. These are far superior to Crosswords in my opinion. Thank you so much for engaging so many of us through your brilliant mind! Special thanks to Kamath for including me in the distribution.

  5. Thanks Mr SS,

    Thoroughly enjoying your daily puzzles. Your challenging puzzles help me keep my brain working and lets me take my mind away from otherwise depressing news.

  6. Dear Mr. Shyam Sunder, I had the pleasure of working on your puzzles in a faraway place because a nephew who knows me to be a ‘wordaholic‘ sent them to me. I forwarded some to a few friends who also enjoyed working on them. My heartfelt thanks to you for your creations. Sincerely, Shubha Kamath.

  7. Hats off Shyam Sunderji, I am truly amazed at the quality of mind-boggling puzzles that you released every day. Thank you for helping us keep our minds positively engaged during these Covid days.

  8. Dear Mr Shyam Sunder, your puzzles have become a part of my daily routine. Look forward to them. Keeps the brain ticking. Thank you and God Bless you.

  9. Mr Shyam Sunder,
    Been enjoying the wonderful, brain teasers, synonyms, etc… and trying to crack them. Not been very successful or a miserable failure. I’ve been floating somewhere in between.
    Truly appreciate your efforts. It’s quite a work. Kept us joyfully engaged and sharing with others.
    Keep them coming. Lockdown or no lockdown.
    Thank you 😊

  10. Thank you Mr Shyam Sunder for tirelessly publishing highly quality puzzles for so many days.
    I did share them with a few of my groups and there was plenty of interest and competition to crack the puzzles.
    Best wishes.

  11. Mr Shyam Sunder, your contribution may not make you eligible for the Nobel, BUT it does definitely make you eligible to become a hero.
    You kept us going when the going was getting tough.
    Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say “Thank you very much.”

  12. Mr Sunder, I came here because of your word games and would like to thank you for the multiple hours of enjoyment and joy you have given wordsmiths like me around the country. Kudos! Please continue this great endeavour.

  13. Thanks Mr Shyam Sunder for these challenging word games in these tough times. They are real stress Busters in the lockdown days.Thank you for all the time and effort put into this .I enjoy solving them .. keep up the good work. All the best .

  14. Shyam it is really great that you have been recognized for all the hard work you had put in day in and day out without any complaints and answering us very patiently. Kudos to you. Wishing you all the very best.

  15. Dear Mr. Shyam Sunday,

    Thank you so much for your quizzes. It helped me and my friends spend some quality time solving them. Though we couldn’t solve all of them, learnt a lot from those.

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