Generally late for meetings?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is unpunctual.
The ‘important’ person is punctual, but she/he gets delayed due to factors beyond her/his control.

Doesn’t work hard enough?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is a lazy bum.
The ‘important’ person is ‘not in the rat race’.

Doesn’t speak up?
The ‘not-so-important’ person doesn’t have courage.
The ‘important’ person is soft-spoken.

Didn’t achieve the desired result?
The ‘not-so-important’ person didn’t put in enough effort.
The ‘important’ person was unlucky.

The ‘not-so-important’ person is drunk.
The ‘important’ person is mildly intoxicated.

Drinks too much?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is a drunkard.
The ‘important’ person is fond of drinks.

Eats too much?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is a glutton.
The ‘important’ person is a gourmand.

Generally gets work done by bribing?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is corrupt.
The ‘important’ person is ‘street smart’.

Plans carefully?
The ‘not-so-important’ person is finicky.
The ‘important’ person is methodical.

Election results?
The winning party wins because of their ‘important’ persons.
The losing party loses because of their ‘not-so-important’ persons.

How come most situations are interpreted in almost diametrically opposite ways for the ‘not-so-important’ person and the ‘important’ person?

Is it ‘different strokes for different folks’? No!

Is it because we believe that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”? No way!


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. (Prompt: Your post has to revolve around the word Magic! What does it mean to you?)



14 thoughts on “Magic!

  1. magic indeed 🙂

    lovely poem and put together

    not so important person– well i can tell you its good ot be that sometimes 🙂 I had taken up a role and believe me I curse myself why i took it , as everything lead to me .. so it was good to be not so important 🙂

  2. The term “VIP” or “CIP” created by the airlines for their frequent flying customers by designating them “:commercially important persons” are all ego-boosting tools. These so-called VIPs assume importance by keeping people waiting by deliberately turning up late, the hosts pandering by saying that they’ll call in the VIP only when a sufficiently large audience turns up, disregarding the fact that many have come on the dot and happen to be elders.
    I believe in putting them in place by starting off on the appointed time whether the VIP turns up or not! .

  3. Lovely post, yet again, you take up an important topic that all of us, the important and the not so important ones choose to conveniently ignore – hypocrisy 🙂

  4. you have beautifully highlighted the contrasting views on important and not so important people. These two categories are found in our regular lives too.

  5. As always a meaningful and practical post!! so true…and this applies to family members too sometimes. If one does it, its something, if another does the same thing, its something else.. misinterpretation at its best 🙂

  6. What a beautiful post!! Haha! It so nicely captures the dichotomy of human nature. And how, in this world, for some, that means biased behavior/attitude and for some, it just means a difference in opinions.

  7. yea… people try to become “important” by flattery, glib talk, by becoming “yes-men”…..and u know u cannot/do not want to drop to that level!

    very different and nice take on the prompt!

  8. Never thought of it this way, but this poem does stir up and bring to surface that deep-seated mentality buried within certain people.Thought-provoking, indeed!

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