Thoughtfulness leads to win-win situations

One day, the employees of a company met the Proprietor in his office. The seniormost employee said, “Our company’s business has dropped significantly over the last few months due to a downturn in the economy. Nobody seems to know how long this downturn will last. We have all been paid our full salaries on time every month. But many of our friends working in other companies have been receiving only part of their salaries, that too one to two weeks late. We discussed this matter amongst ourselves and decided unanimously to request you that, if it is necessary, our salaries may be cut by 25% from this month. Once business recovers completely, the salary cut can be stopped.”

The Proprietor replied, “The situation is under control now. However, I have been aware that, if the economy does not start recovering in a few months or if it slides further down, it will be necessary to resort to a salary cut for everybody. I was planning to discuss this with you all this weekend. I’m glad you have raised the subject. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Let’s do it this way. Please discuss this matter with your respective families and decide whether a 25% salary cut should be implemented from this month, next month or the month after. Please note that once business improves, you will be paid full salary, and, whenever possible, the 25% deducted amount will be paid to you. Let us all meet again one week from today”

A week later, the employees decided that the salary cut would be implemented from that month itself.

Within 3 months, the economy started recovering, and the company’s business picked up. 2 months later, the salary cut was stopped. The deducted amount was paid back to the employees the next month.

In hindsight, it turned out that the salary cut might not have been needed. But, as a result of the thoughtfulness shown by the employees and by their employer, their mutual trust and respect increased considerably. The work environment in the company improved, and so did the turnover and the profitability. Obviously, the employees’ salaries and bonuses also increased considerably.

The thoughtfulness shown by the employees and by their employer had led to a win-win situation!

9 thoughts on “Thoughtfulness leads to win-win situations

  1. Great article there Pro, about the thoughtfulness. But how thoughtful can people expected to be in today’s cut-throat corporate culture? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being dismissive or pessimistic. I suppose if all the like-minded people join together, change can be made.

  2. Ive been through the ordeal..salary coming as late as three weeks prior to when its due and bonus paid after a month. But, the thing is that the bosses were dishonest and there was bad management. Eventually, the department was closed with no compensation forked out!

  3. Yes, the thoughtfullness of the employees and employer won the day.
    Most labour ‘disputes’ esp. with outside union leaders are mere clash of egos wherein both sides suffer.

  4. Wow! It is rare to find such thoughtful employees! Kudos to them for such helping and supporting the owner in tough times! And glad that the owner did his bestest later too 🙂 A perfect win-win situation 🙂

  5. I would imagine it is quite rare to see such kind of employer-employee relationship, esp in large corporations. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had more of such instances. I would also imagine that in a case like this one described here the employees were already made to feel a key or perhaps even most important part of the whole organization, and weren’t just treated as instruments for meeting the proprietor’s personal goals/vision. Only then they can feel such genuine goodwill for their employer and the organization they work for.

  6. it is always good to work in a place where employer and employee trust each other ..

    I have been fortunate to be working with one , I was not given a raise for 3 years because of the economy but now that it has recovered a bit and the company is doing good .. I got what was due backdated 3 years back 🙂

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