An ‘ordinary’ person can make a difference

The Hindu, Chennai reports that “Forty-five auto drivers and 10 taxi drivers form the core of Agal Foundation, an NGO that has been rescuing and rehabilitating the destitute in the city.”

Since 1995, this group has “rescued hundreds of people from the streets and admitted them at rehabilitation homes. This includes the mentally ill, children from broken homes, and the elderly left uncared for by their children.”

Auto driver Dharman says that “he volunteers for Agal for the satisfaction he gets when he sees that even a little effort on his part can save a life.”

Very often, we get agitated about something that we see, but we don’t try to do something about it because we think we are ordinary people who cannot make a difference.

Isn’t a taxi driver or an auto driver more ‘ordinary’ than us?

If this group of taxi drivers and auto drivers can make a difference, can’t each one of us make a difference, each in her/his way?

15 thoughts on “An ‘ordinary’ person can make a difference

  1. Yes, the ‘ordinary’ ones among us are the most extraordinary. There’s a cab driver here who doesn’t charge any patients that he picks up at railway stations to hospitals, an autowalla with music and reading material en route.
    The only other ‘unknown’ was the great JRD who always occupied the front seat in his Merc. He’d instruct his driver to stop and take along anyone walking on the roads during monsoons.

  2. Yes we can. Sometimes we are just so caught up in our own lives that we hardly find time to look elsewhere. Cribbing is easy, doing something about it is more difficult.

  3. Yes we can and we should. One does not always need a huge platform and a big organisation for this. Begin within the sphere of our influence- friends, family, people around us in the lane, society etc. Its ‘small’ efforts that add up. A very inspiring post.

  4. if we look at history , many a times its the common man who has made the change.. so if the common man stands tall then change will happen for sure

  5. You are telling us there are actually some “good” taxi and auto drivers ?! I would like to ride in their autos ! Will they charge by the meter ? May their tribe increase.

    • Venkat, there are quite a few ‘good’ auto and taxi drivers who charge by the meter and are very courteous.

      I don’t know if the auto drivers attached to Agal Foundation charge by the meter, but, as the report in The Hindu states, they have been rescuing and rehabilitating the destitute in Chennai without any gain.

  6. That is an amazing thing these people are doing. What people need to realize is that every bit counts. The general attitude is that “how does the little we do make a difference?”. Fact is, many little things many people do is going to make a difference in the end. I am glad some are aware of this fact.

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