AAP’s broom will clean up Delhi, but only if …

The President of a marketing company had appointed a committee of 3 persons, a HR Manager, an Accounts Manager and a Sales Manager, to recommend ways to reduce the company’s travelling expenses by 10% without adversely affecting the company’s operations.

At the annual Budget Meeting, the Committee was making a presentation about their initial findings and the further course of action. The Service Manager realised that the Committee had focussed almost completely on the travelling expenses incurred by Sales Engineers and Service Engineers. He pointed out that, while the number of engineers was 5 times the number of managers, the total travelling expenses incurred by the managers was double the total travelling expenses incurred by the engineers. Hence the focus should be on the travelling expenses incurred by the managers. He suggested that the company’s travelling expenses could be reduced by over 15% if all managers flew Economy Class instead of Executive/Business Class and stayed at 4 Star hotels instead of 5 Star hotels. The suggestion was shouted down by all the managers present. Not even one person was willing to consider the Service Manager’s suggestion!

This incident illustrates exactly what happens in our country. Everybody wants change. But most people expect change to happen! Very few people are willing to change themselves.

Now that the AAP will form the Government in Delhi, many, if not most of those who voted for the AAP will assume that they have finished doing their bit by voting for the AAP, and that all the ills that have been plaguing Delhi will be removed by the AAP Government in no time.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Let us consider corruption. We all know that bribes are taken by policemen/officials/bureaucrats/politicians. But we conveniently forget that the same bribes are given by us. We have got used to getting work done by paying ‘speed money’ or having our misdemeanours overlooked by paying bribes. For corruption to be eradicated, both the bribe-takers and the bribe-givers have to change for the better.

The same holds for all other issues. While steps must be taken to prevent wrongdoing by officials and contractors, the general public also has to behave responsibly.

AAP’s broom will clean up Delhi, but it’s not a magical broom. It won’t work on its own. It will work only if most people in Delhi pick it up and use it for the common good.

Best wishes to the AAP Government and to the people of Delhi!

12 thoughts on “AAP’s broom will clean up Delhi, but only if …

  1. Very well put, my friend! I agree 100%. Is AAP a newbie party actually forming the government?… amazing! Wishing it all success!!!!

  2. The thing that worries me is the promises made by them in their manifesto. I believe if they can deliver on even 10 to 12 of them then the public will be happy. Anything less, public disillusionment will take over & could affect them badly. As for bribes, it’s almost the rule rather than the exception. I do agree that the bribe giver is at fault more than the taker. BUT, have you tried getting your work done in any govt. org.? You’d rather appoint an “Agent” or pay a bribe instead of wasting your precious time there. Best wishes to the AAP

  3. While at Voltas long, long ago i represented accounts at such committees – there were ego clashes. The ‘big guns’ didn’t want a cut in their ‘perks’ while reserving their rights to cut down others’ legitimate expenditure. The big guys retained the airlines frequent flyer benefits for themselves – most unethical!
    There is very little time for the AAP to cut power tariffs, supply free water and bring in the State Lok Pal. All the best to them!

  4. Prophets of Doom?
    Since yesterday morning when Arvind Kejriwal announced that AAP will form a government in Delhi, prophets of doom have sprung into action everywhere – mostly on TV. They are saying:
    AAP government cannot deliver on its impractical poll promises
    AAP has sacrificed its principle of taking no support
    AAP has betrayed the people of Delhi
    AAP is lusting for power – like all other parties
    AAP has no experience in running a government
    People will soon get disillusioned with AAP……………etc

    Then there are some who are not happy being mere dooms-dayers! They want to proactively bring about the downfall of AAP by laying a carefully concealed trap for AAP to walk into! Take Dr Harshvardhan of BJP. He challenges AAP government to arrest / prosecute within next 30 days, those persons who were held guilty by the Shunglu Commission in CWG scam. Being a polite gentleman, he does not name names (Sheila Dikshit?). He says, exposing and punishing the corrupt is an important poll promise of AAP.

    You would think Sheila Dikshit would get offended with Dr Harshvardhan. Oh, but No! Quite the contrary. She too wants Arvind to walk into this trap! That would give her just the desired excuse to withdraw that “Outside Support ” of Congress to bring down the AAP government.

    I hope Arvind is smart enough to see through these macabre machinations of mediocre minions, who want to lead AAP up a garden path!

    Exposing the corrupt is “IMPORTANT – but not URGENT”.
    It is NOT your priority No 1.
    Delivering pro-poor reforms is both “IMPORTANT and URGENT”.
    Stay your course and watch out for the traps.
    * hemen parekh (24 Dec 2013/Mumbai)

  5. Very true. These days the common perception is that the aam aadmi is a victim that needs to be rescued from the ills of the elite. Whereas the truth is that the aam aadmi is as much to blame as the elite, and unless we are ready to clean ourselves, there’s no way that we can manage to see a clean country.

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