Can we overcome? Yes We Can!

One afternoon, I was travelling by a local train from Churchgate to Andheri, seated near the window. The train had stopped at Bombay Central station. I saw a blind man, maybe in his early 20’s, running down the stairs from the foot overbridge towards the train I was seated in. The train started when he was a few steps away from the platform. In the same situation, most persons, including I, would have fretted and fumed, maybe cursed. This guy just started grinning wistfully! This incident occurred over 20 years back, but it has remained etched in my memory.

Some years later, I met a person who is a source of inspiration to all who know him. A few years after he joined a large company as a GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee), he lost vision in both eyes. After discussions with his employers, he decided that his best option would be to start a factory supplying parts to his employers. It was not easy, but he succeeded with full support from his family, ex-employers, bankers and all business associates. He had bought equipment from the company I worked with. When I first met him, he had been running his business for about 7 years. He and I interacted quite a bit, both personally and telephonically over the next 9 years. In those 9 years, he never ever complained or spoke bitterly about his blindness. In fact, he was always quick to see the funny side of any situation and laughed much more than most ‘normal’ people. More importantly, he never asked for any special treatment on account of his blindness.

There are many persons who try to overcome severe handicaps and/or setbacks by sheer hard work. Plastic surgeon Dr Sharad Kumar Dicksheet, oncologist Dr. Suresh Advani, Chartered Accountancy examination national topper Prema Jayakumar and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking are some wonderful examples of people who inspired themselves to overcome their apparently huge handicaps and/or setbacks and achieve success far greater than that achieved by people who enjoy many advantages. I’m sure each one of us personally knows at least a couple of persons who overcame huge obstacles instead of allowing the obstacles to overcome them.

At this moment, India is gripped by a large number of seemingly insurmountable problems: corruption, crime, discrimination, poverty, illiteracy, etc., etc.. Can we overcome all these problems and make our country a much better place to live in? Let’s not sit back in our armchairs and say it’s impossible. Let us all draw inspiration from Dr Sharad Kumar Dicksheet, Dr. Suresh Advani, Prema Jayakumar, Stephen Hawking and many others like them and say, Yes We Can! Let’s inspire ourselves to individually and jointly put in the effort needed to come to the day when we can declare from the bottom of our hearts that Mera Bharat Mahaan!

8 thoughts on “Can we overcome? Yes We Can!

    • Yes, we can. But each one of us has to take the initiative & motivate others to remove these innumerable political parties from our country. For that, we need to change the gameplan in the forthcoming elections by voting to power Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which has emerged not out of greed for power but to bring a change in the country, which all of us want desperately!! So propagate the message to vote AAP to power.

      • I stand by what I had stated in my post ‘Can we eradicate corruption? Yes We Can!‘ on September 12, 2013:
        “A word of caution: many people believe that the nation will undergo a transformation the moment Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister in 2014. Many others believe that will happen the moment Rahul Gandhi becomes PM. Many, many others believe that will happen the moment Aam Aadmi Party comes to power. Frankly, all are living in fools’ paradise. The government and the PM do have an important role to play, but any transformation in our nation is possible only if we, the people of India, change for the better.”

  1. I believe we can, too and it is okay to start small. If each citizen did her bit, it is like little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. Yes, I know many inspiring people who give without expecting, and look at the brighter side when it would have been okay for them to see the not too bright side.

  2. Yes we truly can – if we would only believe and learn to look beyond ourselves. Thank you for sharing the examples you did. I have similar people I look up to when I feel like grumbling – their smiles in the midst of pain and adverse circumstances, quickly makes me change my mood.

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