Email to Aamir Khan about fairness product advertisement on Satyamev Jayate

I sent the following email from to on October 06, 2014. As stated in the email, I will publish the response from Aamir Khan or from any member of his Satyamev Jayate team if and when I receive it.

Subject: Discrimination on the basis of skin colour

Kind attention: Mr. Aamir Khan

Dear Aamir,

I have watched almost all episodes of Satyamev Jayate, starting from the Season 1’s 1st episode.

I am an admirer of Aamir Khan the actor, but I am a much greater admirer of Aamir Khan of Satyamev Jayate! While I am aware that the show is not perfect, I have immense respect and admiration for the fact that you are one of the few celebrities who is making a genuine effort to drive change in our society.

While watching the 1st episode of Season 3, I was shocked to see an advertisement by a fairness product!! Much has been written and spoken about how fairness products promote discrimination on the basis of skin colour. While the advertisement may conform to ASCI’s recent guidelines for advertising for skin lightening or fairness improvement products, the fact remains that these products and their advertisements do reinforce negative social stereotyping on the basis of skin colour.

Satyamev Jayate’s past episodes have been about, among other subjects, Gender Discrimination, Caste Discrimination, and Discrimination against People with Disabilities. When I saw the fairness product advertisement, I wondered whether Aamir Khan and his Satyamev Jayate team are, inadvertently or otherwise, promoting Discrimination on the basis of skin colour.

Please do not let the millions of Satyamev Jayate fans, most of whom are probably not fair-skinned, get the impression that you and your team support Discrimination on the basis of skin colour. Please withdraw this advertisement immediately, even if this means losing some money.

I hope you take my feedback in the same positive spirit in which I gave it. I look forward to a reply from you or from any member of your team. I will be publishing the text of this email on my blog later today, and will also publish your response whenever I receive it.

Warm regards,

Proactive Indian

P.S.: I have chosen to remain an anonymous blogger since I do not want my name, age, gender, religion, caste, economic status, educational background, profession, place of residence, etc. to colour people’s reaction to my views. If you wish, I will certainly let you know my name, age, gender, and place of residence.


11 thoughts on “Email to Aamir Khan about fairness product advertisement on Satyamev Jayate

  1. i entirely agree. he ought not to have deviated from the causes that he had espoused earlier that brought him good following. such negative shows only show him in poor light.

  2. Yesterday I saw a pic where Amir Khan is entering a hindu temple in chappals and doesnt remove it even when asked for..

    Earlier also there were some incidents like that, so I think he is not a social worker or concerned person, its just another venue to earn name and fame..

  3. Agree…you took a wonderful step writing to him….I do hope he not only replies back, but also does something to the effect….(though I doubt there’s anything he can do about it…. because advt slots are decided by the channel ) with the unexplained fetish for looking fair, these fairness creams only help to discriminate people and nothing more…

  4. Off topic here, I know. But More. Specifically on a new ad by Fair and Lovely.
    There is a clever introduction of meeting the challenge of one’s one Everest, which ends with a young lady on a snow covered mountain, pointing to a distant peak, perhaps Mount Everest, which she hopes to scale, only so that she can meet with the approval of her “Army” Father. More discrimination there. I found it extremely disturbing, this sense of children still having to “earn” respect, approval from their own parents by doing an Everest of sorts. Sad. Really sad ad. I wonder if this is the ad being shown. Of course, as I said, it is intelligent enough not to push that you’re going to be 7 tones, or whatever, fairer if you use it. Sigh.

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