Genuine relationships or fairweather relationships?


This poster, sent by a friend, set me thinking.

Do we treat everybody with about the same amount of respect and consideration?

Or do we give immense amounts of respect and consideration to people only if they are wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than us, and little or no respect and consideration to people if we are wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than them and we are definitely unlikely to need their help in any way in the foreseeable future?
Worse, do we maintain relationships with people only when they are wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than us, and end those relationships when we become wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than them and we are definitely unlikely to need their help in any way in the foreseeable future?

Do we have genuine relationships? Or do we have fairweather relationships?

13 thoughts on “Genuine relationships or fairweather relationships?

  1. Yes, I have seen a lot of fairweather relationships in my life. There will always be people who are good to you because they want something from you or wish to belong to your group or need your contacts or wealth just like you’ve stated. I guess for each one of us, we have to be careful before we slot a person as a friend. Genuine relationships can completely enrich one’s life.

  2. The terms ‘Friendship’ and ‘relationship’ are highly relative.
    Remember ‘a hedge between keeps friendship green’ because familiarity breeds contempt.
    Best course would be to always smile and smile but be a villain. It costs nothing to smile even artificial one at that!

  3. I’ve had my share of those friends, Pro and I’m always questioning my own motives for friendship. Having said that, there are times when you connect with people over a project or in a group, and once the project is over or the group disbands, you have nothing common left and you move on.

  4. Unfortunately, we live in such a materialistic world and seen it quite closely-kind of clothes u wear, money in the purse, car or bike. Sad we have reached this stage in life.
    As they say: People do not change, they are merely revealed–Anne Enright.

  5. I’ve had my share of fairweather friends, though I’m not sure if I could call them that..
    but, we live in a weird weird world and its so hard to make out who is genuine and who isn’t.
    And sometimes, it gets really tiring trying to prove or show that one isn’t just a fairweather person.

  6. Sometimes fear of getting hurt also makes us keep friendship at bay. Everybody is selfish. At times, we too are selfish! We like to be seen with ‘good, decent’ company! I have seen, experienced, people using us and then just ignore us since they think that they are obligated to us and we lose the normal friendship too with them. Now, my husband always says that, ‘never offer help to anybody without their asking’.

  7. Friendship/Relationships….words whose meaning changes every other second. One thing I know for sure is nothing remains the same ever. The word Forever has no value within the complex world of friendships and relationships. Most relationships are based on the need of the moment. And the person who gets hurt the most is the one who was genuinely involved.

  8. I haven’t seen any other post these days which is as true and plain as this…This is so correct about today’s world , including me and you….let’s all rethink and act…thanks.

  9. I think it takes all types of people to make the world. Some people are drawn to power and so prefer to be in the company of those wealthier and more financially powerful than they are. But, then, these are not genuine relationships. However, there are plenty of people for whom stature has no bearing on their friendships…people who painstakingly forge genuine relationships. Like I said in the beginning…it takes all types to make the world.

  10. Friendship/relationship…these words have lost their meaning in today’s life. Fairweather friendship is something,I think, we all have experienced. Still, I love to think that true friendship do exist making life beautiful… 🙂

  11. I think we live in a very complicated world. it is difficult to find out who is genuine and who is your friend for a reason. Sometimes it is in the nature of people to have friends only for reason and sometimes it is the other way round. Genuine friends though make life worth living.

  12. touched a raw nerve here , I have seen so many so called good friends , who were their only for something they needed and when that happens its off to new pastures. society is changing , people are become CLEVER. Sadly I am trying my level best to follow suit and be extra clever and I do pray that I do become CLEVER.

    not just REAL friends but Blogging has made me experience a lot too. People are two faced frankly , maybe I am one too but than if i am than THANK GOD I am , at last I am becoming one that i wish to be ..

    I am blessed with some beautiful friends and I thank god every day for that .. for example if you go to my posts about 3 years back you will see a lot of GOOD Friends I had 🙂 but suddenly none are there to be seen as they have moved to pastures greener and probably BETTER friends 🙂 but god bless them all … as they will find similar people soon .

    it takes a lot to move in step with the ways of the world 🙂

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