Can I really make a difference?

In his Guest Post on June 14, 2014, Nagesh Kini had explained that every citizen can be a citizen-activist. Is it as simple as Nagesh makes it out to be? Based on the personal experiences of various people including me, the answer is, “Sometimes yes, sometimes no; there’s only one way to find out: just do it!”

I am reblogging my post “Can I really make a difference?”, which was first published on July 4, 2013, to show how a young boy became an instrument of change just by speaking up.

Proactive Indian

One evening, as my friends returned home after a function at a local cultural association, their son, then 13 years old, expressed his disgust at the fact that many persons, including adults, were walking towards the dining hall even while the national anthem was being sung. The boy’s parents told him to compose an email, which they would send on his behalf to the Secretary of the association for necessary action. He said that nothing would be achieved by sending an email because nobody would give any importance to the opinion of a teenager. The parents replied that, if he felt strongly about the matter, he must try to do something about it. Else, he should not grumble about it in private. In any case, there was no harm in trying. If his effort had an impact, great! If not, he would at least have the satisfaction that he had…

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2 thoughts on “Can I really make a difference?

  1. I don’t see why anyone, whether it is you or the little boy cannot make a difference!
    During the pre-election ‘Meet you candidates’ meeting the sitting Congress MP seeking re-election in Mumbai South-Central first arrives one hour late, wants first four rows reserved for his cronies ‘to prevent chappal hurling’, instead of coming with what he proposes to do simply mutters praises of Soniaji and Rahulji for giving him a ticket. To cap it all when he started to walk as the national anthem was sung he was stopped and asked to stand till completion in the middle of the path. Needless to add the people didn’t vote for him!

    • It is good the ‘aam aadmis’ made the candidate stand while the national anthem was being sung. However, was that due to the people’s love for the national anthem, or was it just another stick to beat the candidate with?

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