One day, when I questioned the technical correctness of a particular inspection procedure being followed by my client, he replied that the procedure was definitely correct because it had been recommended by his customer, a world-famous automotive parts manufacturer. I replied that the world-famous automotive parts manufacturer could be wrong, and explained to him why I thought the procedure was not technically correct. He conceded that there was some merit in my line of reasoning, and said he would discuss the matter with his customer.

Later, he asked me why the fact that the inspection procedure had been recommended by the world-famous manufacturer had not prevented me from questioning its correctness. I replied that I always question any information that is presented to me, irrespective of the source.

“Would you question some information that is given to you by God?” he asked.

I replied, “I would definitely question any information even if I knew it had come directly from God.”

“How can you question God? By doing that, aren’t you dishonouring God?” he asked.

I replied, “Assuming God exists, and assuming that each one of us has been created by Him, it means each of us has been given his brain by God. That God expects us to use the brain given to us by Him. By using my brain to question information given by God, I honour God. If you don’t use your brain to question God, you dishonour God!”

My customer had no answer.

Dear reader, what do you think?

23 thoughts on “Questioning

  1. God has given Man the brain. Let us not let it rust or even let it out or put it to disuse!
    Our tendency to hold as gospel truth (no pun intended) whatever a ‘gora’ MNC lays down needs to be scrapped. All of it may not hold good in our conditions.

  2. When God gives us the brain, he expects us to use it too. And just that you raise questions, doesn’t mean you’re dishonouring God, it just means we are clarifying our understanding, so that we’re sure of what we’ve understood. Same is the case with the incident here. Your asking about the correctness will not only help your clarity, it shall help him to take a second look and be satisfied about it propriety ! Good one, Pro 🙂

  3. I have noticed this it’s the gospel truth & this is the only way to do so. I rarely argue with them but on the acceptance receipt I write very clearly that the inspections were not carried out to industry standards & if anything happened during the operations they would be held fully responsible. This does the trick & after phoning I don’t know or care who the inspections are carried out in the proper manner & to industrial standards. Sometimes for the safety of your crew & yourself you have to be firm.

  4. Questioning for the sake of getting a better clarity or understanding should always be encouraged.. I think a level of faith and complacency creeps in us, once the results of a certain source develop a trend of delivering results..

    • I read your post just now. What saddens me and amazes me is: barring some exceptions, we all read the words of great thinkers, appreciate those words, then do exactly the opposite!

      Unfortunately, ‘thinking’ and ‘questioning’ is equated with ‘impertinence’.

      On a lighter note: about our Q posts being on Questioning, I wonder whether ‘Great minds think alike’ or whether ‘Fools seldom differ’!

  5. I see a lot of similarity in the way we think. While I have also written a post on Questioning, incidentally, my points are also similar – just not to take things lying down because someone else has told so and so…

  6. Depends…question your understanding of what God says is fine, but questioning him I don’t think is. Yes he gave us brains and expects us to use them to figure out what he is telling us; not to argue with him about the accuracy of his statements. But, I also don’t think you can compare your work situation with The Bible and God’s Word. Two very different situations it seems to me. Happy A-Z…hard to believe we’re already at Q

  7. There is a reason we have the ability to question. Without it, we would not seek out answers. God welcomes questions, for we grow through it all.

    • When asked with genuine curiosity, questions should always be welcomed.
      I believe that, while we should be aware that some people may ask questions only with the intention of poking fun, we should also welcome their questions because it gives us a chance to introspect.
      Most of the time, we don’t welcome questions, even genuine ones, because they may expose our ignorance.

  8. If we did not question, we would not learn or move forward. Progress and growth depend on it! 🙂 In fact, I think we all question “God” the most, particularly when things do not go our way!

  9. god gave us brains to question..not to follow herd mentality….that’s so right! he would definitely like to see if we are using the most valuable asset that he gave only us-human beings!!

  10. Absolutely correct. Our elders/predecessors have often used the tactic of God to NOT answer the questions that they couldn’t answer, or didn’t know, or sometimes, just to shut us up. To show that you don’t know the answer to everything. But, the fact is that questioning is not just important to honor your mind, but to honor our souls, our reason-for-existence, and The God within.

  11. Loved your reply to the customer! True, we must question everything, that is the only way to progress and move ahead!

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