ADR, Electoral and Political Reforms

A search for some information on electoral reforms led me to a document
Recommendations for Electoral & Political Reforms (Summary)
on the website of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)

Since the 2014 election campaign is on in full swing, I thought readers of my blog would be interested in reading the document and going through the ADR website.

Please make it a point to read the document and go through the extremely informative website.

If you want to get involved in ADR’s mission of improving governance and strengthening democracy, or to communicate your suggestions or ideas, contact information is available on the website.

2 thoughts on “ADR, Electoral and Political Reforms

  1. Interesting document. I like the clause about chucking out criminals from the candidacy. And the ones about declaring their assets. Sigh. I remember how, as a child, my son asked why politicians look like goondas. It will be interesting to see what these elections bring up!

  2. Yes, even I’ve been reading with keen interest the extremely diligent work put in by the ADR who have been doing great work in independently working at ushering in the badly required democratic reforms in our country.
    The 2014 General Election are indeed a watershed in our life time.
    We only hope and pray that there is no fractured mandate and prolonged uncertainty and horse trading!
    Jai Ho Bharat!

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