Governments for the people, or only for the ruling elite?

The Hindu reports that, “even as the Samajwadi Party government is still facing flak for the plight of the displaced Muzaffarnagar communal riot victims,” a “22-member team comprising Ministers and MLAs under the aegis of Uttar Pradesh’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has gone on a 20-day ‘study tour’ to Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and UAE,” also stating that “apart from the U.K. none other country mentioned in the itinerary is a Commonwealth nation,” and that there is one BJP MLA and one RLD MLA in this team.

Some other Uttar Pradesh Ministers, ruling party MLAs and officials attended the ‘Saifai Mahotsav,” a fortnight-long cultural jamboree at Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s village, Saifai in Etawah district, on which, according to this IBNLive report, the Uttar Pradesh government ‘has spent roughly Rs 20 crore’.

The Indian government has moved heaven and earth to save diplomat Devyani Khobragade from the clutches of the US law.

But, as this Firstpost piece states, the same Indian government “might take months to get an innocent sailor out of a non decrepit Togo,” and “may never reach out to the thousands of other citizens (about 6000 and, perhaps many more with no information available to the government) languishing in far away jails – some living hells.”

Wouldn’t we all love to see our governments work less for themselves and more for the common man who pays the taxes that fund all expenses?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda (Prompt: the post must contain the word ‘love’ and must have only 5 sentence.

13 thoughts on “Governments for the people, or only for the ruling elite?

    • Yes, Vidya, the Government has the power to squeeze the common man’s most delicate parts. But, if all common men get together and play their cards well, then they’ll have the power to crush the government’s most delicate parts. Look at how the Congress got just 8 seats in Delhi and how Sheilaji was thrashed by AK.

    • ‘Love’ was not the subject of the post. The word ‘love’ was used in response to the prompt. The examples cited only show how our governments work overtime and very efficiently for the privileged, but are lethargic when it comes to the needs of the common person.

  1. Disagree. In the present context they are all horribly interconnected.
    When their ‘more learned’ southern (that the northern counterparts consider to be all ‘Madrasis’)Karnataka MLAs go far beyond to Latin Americans countries, why grudge the North Indian Bhaijans a European jaunt.
    The poor sailor’s father was not a SC civil servant like Devyani’s. Mr. Khobragade got her a flat in Adarsh and land in Uttarakhand and Kerala!

  2. I guess it is a matter of priorities. The common man doesn’t come in the priorities of such ministers and MLAs. I am not against sending legislators/officials to other countries. They should go, see, observe, learn and come back to analyze and implement. However it is used as a merry trip instead.

    I think a tipping point is coming, and people are so fed up that they’re voting for different candidates now.

    • Unfortunately, most ministers/legislators/officials who go on such ‘study tours’ end up ‘studying’ beaches, nightclubs, massage parlours, etc..
      Do these guys submit reports on their ‘study’? Who prepares these reports? Who reads these reports?

  3. What Lord Acton says is eternally true “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It means whoever be in power ultimately becomes vulnerable less some rare exceptions.
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Our Government works for the elite , who may have never queued to vote but from their bungalows and high-rise flats can twist the ministers around their little finger .

  5. You said a lot in just 5 sentences!! Agree, would love to see the leaders working for the masses rather than for a select few!

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