Kapil’s Devils and the AAP government

June 25, 1983 was a big day for Indian cricket-lovers all over the world. India was playing the finals of the Prudential World Cup! India’s entry into the finals had not been expected. Almost everybody thought it a foregone conclusion that India would lose the finals since they were facing the mighty West Indies, who had won the first two Prudential World Cups in 1975 and 1979, but hoped that India would put up a decent fight. As P. R. Man Singh, the manager of the winning Indian team said in ‘When Kapil’s Devils made history‘ in The Hindu, “No one gave us a chance to even qualify for the semi-finals, forget about winning the cup.” Of course, many diehard optimists in India thought that, in view of the ‘glorious uncertainties’ of cricket, India had a chance of winning.

West Indies won the toss and chose to field. India scored 183 all out in 54.4 overs. At this stage, almost everybody gave up any hopes of an Indian victory. The only 2 questions were how many overs the Windies would need to reach the target, and how many wickets they would lose in the process.

As all readers probably know, India bowled out the mighty West Indies for 140 runs in 52 overs to win the match and the third Prudential World Cup!

Today, December 28, 2013, Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in as Chief Minister of Delhi along with six ministers of the AAP government. Many ‘experts’ have predicted that this Government will be a disaster if it survives. Most, if not all of these experts had earlier predicted that the AAP would not make much impact in the Delhi elections, and that Arvind Kejriwal himself would be routed by Sheila Dikshit in the New Delhi constituency. The AAP shocked these ‘experts’ by winning 28 seats and Arvind Kejriwal himself defeated Sheila Dikshit by a margin of over 25,000 votes!

The Congress and the BJP have been totally graceless in defeat. Instead of wishing the AAP government well and adopting a wait-and-watch approach, they have been making all kinds of snide remarks about the AAP and the government which is being formed.

As P. R. Man Singh said, nobody gave India a chance to even qualify for the semi-finals of the 1983 Prudential World Cup, but India entered the semi-finals and went on to win the cup. In the same way, very few people expected AAP to get more than a few seats in the Delhi election, but AAP did very well and is now forming the government. Unless the Congress, which has promised support, plays dirty, the AAP government will survive at least till the 2014 Lok Sabha elections are over. The AAP government has time till then to start showing results. They have made some promises that appear impossible to fulfil. At least that’s what the ‘experts’ say. However, I’m sure the AAP has their own action plan to fulfil those promises. Why can’t the ‘experts’ from the Congress, the BJP, other parties and elsewhere wait and see what the AAP government does?

Let us all hope that, for the sake of the people of Delhi and the rest of the country, the AAP government will repeat what Kapil’s Devils did 30 years back: prove their critics wrong!

Best wishes to the AAP government! Best wishes to all of us!!

6 thoughts on “Kapil’s Devils and the AAP government

  1. Yes, I also do hope the AAP govt. runs full term without the Congress playing spoilsport in keeping with its past track record of pulling the rug as it did with Vajpayee, VP Singh, Chandrashekar, Charan Singh and Deve Gowda governments whom they had lured into forming minority governments. Congress will then forfeit whatever is left of their credibility. God help both AAP and INC.

  2. indeed, a worthy comparison ! Its time to deliver for AAP … its time for India to believe Leaders are but some SuperHeroes born out of odds or criminals of class or from the dynasty of rulers pre-Independence. Wish to see him keep his words and vision intact for whatever tenure he sticks around 5 years or 5 months . No matter what, he has already set a trend and clean politics is what India will achieve in a decades time if not early. This is the beginning of the end of DIRTY POLITICS. Having said that, I still feel Modi deserves a 5 year tenure in the Centre and all the more because now we have an alternate – Kejriwal!
    In Modi I see a leader and in Kejriwal I see a commoner . Although, on state level its fine but on a national level we need a leader who can direct right and then may be a commoner can fine tune it when needed.
    Jai HInd!!!

  3. Robinhood of Delhi?

    All of last evening, experts were debating on TV channels:
    “Is Kejriwal robbing Peter (rich) to pay Paul (poor)?”
    They were discussing the losses that Delhi treasury will suffer ( approx Rs 25-35 Crores per month) due to
    * 20 KL of free water
    * 50 % subsidy on power (up to 400 units/month)

    But AAP leaders are saying, “If Peter is rich and Paul is poor, then there is nothing wrong with robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

    What they are leaving unsaid is, “It is better to be a Robinhood than to be a Robbing Hoodlum!Robbing Hoodlums of earlier governments have been robbing the poor for the past 66 years and making the rich richer, and poor poorer!

    “Dear Experts, will you please explain:
    * Who got Rs 50,00000 Crores worth of Scam money in last 15 years ?
    * Who have deposited Rs 300,000 Crores worth of black money in Swiss banks ?
    * Which Industrialists / Businessmen have failed to return to the Nationalized Banks , Rs 200,000 Crores of loans – without any efforts at recovering the same?
    * Which private money-lenders are making 20,000 farmers commit suicide every year, for failing to repay their small loans?
    * Who are all travelling Air India on subsidized air-fares, which has bled the Government of Rs 100,000 Crores in past 15 years?
    * To which businessmen have State and Central governments gave away – almost free – Rs 500,000 Crores worth of farming land to set up SEZ ?
    * How many sick (ICU?) Public Sector Units have the poor people of India kept “alive”, by subsidizing them to the tune of Rs 100,000,000 Crores over the past 60 years?

    Who got this money?
    And if you dispute our figures, will you tell us the correct figures?”

    But since these “self-appointed economic experts” have no honest answers to these questions, they are telling AAP government:
    “You are not supposed to fulfil your poll promises by increasing the EXISTING levels of subsidy on water and power.
    If you have only a few hours to survive, within that period, why don’t you:
    * Lay 150 Km of water pipe lines?
    * Instal 20 lakh new water meters / replace 10 lakh defective ones?
    * Ditto for Electricity meters
    * Get CAG to finish its audit of 3 Discoms?
    * Get DERC to announce new tariff, revised downwards by 50 %?
    * Float tenders, finalize and appoint 6 Discoms (to replace existing 3)?
    * Study 200 files of CWG Scam tenders and file cases against corrupt government officers / contractors / politicians, who minted money?

    Why can’t you do these things by tomorrow evening?

    Don’t you know, extending existing subsidy % is bad economics, even if it is good politics?

    In any case, by precedence of past 60 years, bad economics has been solely our prerogative.

    How dare you copy us, then claim originality?”

    AAP may choose not to answer
    But by May / June 2014, 760 million voters will

    And depressed / tortured / raped / murdered / looted people around the World , will applaud an alternative to violent Arab Spring!

    Mahatma will rise from the Rajghat!

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