Conditions apply (55 Fiction)

I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it. It contained cash and a business card!

I sent an email:
Our party is committed to cleanliness in public life. We welcome donations, but conditions apply. Donations by cheque only must be accompanied by photocopies of ID Proof, Address Proof and PAN Card.

This work of fiction is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda (Prompt: the post must contain, ‘I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it.’) and was also written for Write Tribe 55 on Friday – 2 (Prompt: the post must contain ‘conditions apply’). I sincerely hope that this fiction soon becomes fact with all political parties in India.

9 thoughts on “Conditions apply (55 Fiction)

  1. I see no harm in genuine charities, other than of course the AAP, receiving cash donations if the donor is properly identified and a receipt issued. At a time when there are few forthcoming no point in rejecting money for a cause!

  2. Okay this seems to be woven into Indian politics perhaps so pretty much lost on me. But I love it when someone can weave many prompts and make a story from all of them.

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