End of the road? (100 words Fiction)

My Annual Medical Checkup report was emailed to HR with a copy to me.

Everything was normal, except for ‘HIV Positive’.

I was shocked! It definitely wasn’t a ‘lifestyle’ issue. What had happened after the last Annual Medical Checkup, and when?

After thinking hard, I realized the only possibility was the blood transfusion I had received 4 months back during the surgery when I was injured in the accident involving the company bus.

The company had a ‘HIV AIDS Policy’, but I knew the harsh reality.

I knew it was my last day there.

I started composing my resignation letter.

This piece of fiction was written for Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday. (Prompt: I knew it was my last day there.) Many sections of our society continue to be discriminated against by organisations and by individuals like us despite the existence of laws and policies to prevent such discrimination. If, as we claim, we really care for them, we must do more than merely paying lip service. Before we expect governments and organisations to act, each one of us should act in her/his individual capacity and stop being perpetrators of discrimination.

11 thoughts on “End of the road? (100 words Fiction)

  1. Very creative and thoughtful take on the prompt. Yes, most corporates in India have these so called policies only as documents on paper and on the computer and don’t necessarily follow them in any form or fashion. Sad state of affairs, but true nevertheless.

  2. True Pro. Most of us are afraid to practice what we preach because we’re worried about our own so-called standing in society. The worst situation is when a newborn receives a transfusion bundled with AIDS. People still have no idea how it is transmitted and simply ostracize someone suspected of/diagnosed with AIDS.

    Great take on the prompt.

  3. Whatever policy companies have, from my experience, things work for you only if you have a good rapport with the manager and the HR. In this case, AIDS being such a highly hyped disease, people (who are just literate and not educated) tend to stigmatize the person infected.

    A great take on the prompt highlighting a very major issue of our society.

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