Axis Bank apologises

After publishing my post ‘Is this how a bank should treat a customer?’ on September 03, 2013, I felt that just publishing a post on the matter was not enough. I thought I must write a letter to Axis Bank Limited, expressing my views on the subject. No, I did not think that my letter would instantaneously resolve the issue, but I hoped that, if Axis Bank Limited did not act on the basis of the media reports, my letter, along with similar communications sent to them by others would motivate them to do the right thing. The worst thing that could happen was Axis Bank Limited would trash my letter or they would send me a letter asking me to mind my own business.

Hence, the next day, I sent a letter to Axis Bank Limited, for the attention of Ms. Shikha Sharma, MD & CEO. Click below to read the text of the letter.

Letter to Axis Bank

On September 05, 2013, Axis Bank’s President (Retail) Rajiv Anand tweeted:
“On behalf of @AxisBank,I spoke to @DipikaPallikal’s mother to apologize for our remarks.We have the highest regard for Dipika’s achievements”

The Times of India reported this in detail on September 12, 2013, also stating that “Dipika still intends to pursue a case of ‘deficiency in service’ against the bank ‘on principle.’”

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Rajiv Anand. Click below to read the letter.

Letter from Axis Bank

I am under no illusion that my letter had any role to play in making Axis Bank Limited apologise. My letter probably reached them after they had apologised. That does not mean I will not send similar letters or emails under similar circumstances in future.

We must appreciate the fact that Axis Bank Limited apologised for the negative remark made by them against a customer. Large business organisations rarely apologise to an individual customer. On most occasions, they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.

I appreciate the fact that a senior executive of Axis Bank Limited sent a letter in reply to a letter from a person who is not even a customer! I have seen how many organisations ignore their customers just because they think they can get away with it.

Individuals and organisations can and will make mistakes. After all, all individuals are human, and all organisations consist of these humans. What matters is how an individuals and organisations respond when their mistakes are brought to their notice. In this particular case, Axis Bank Limited has responded well!

I do not know exactly how the events unfolded in this dispute, but from whatever I’ve read in media reports, there would probably have been no court case if Axis Bank Limited had shown the same positive attitude when the matter was first brought to their notice. To quote Ms. Susan Pallikal: “The official was most inconsiderate and unhelpful and kept trying to pass the buck instead of offering any solution.”

6 thoughts on “Axis Bank apologises

  1. Although this does not take away from the fact that the Bank personnel were rude to Dipika in the first place, one can at least hope that going forward some kind of measures will be put in place to ensure that something similar doesn’t happen in the future.

  2. An apology in no way can mitigate the damage. In the first place, their remark was insensitive and unwarranted and needed to be put down not only from a Proactive Indian but by each and every right thinking Indian. Being among the top banks simply does not permit them to behave atrociously. Does this bank not have a lady for a CEO? She should also be made aware by a hard hitting communication. I would join

    • The apology ought to have come from no less a person of CEO/MD and not any foot soldier. Suggest re-send the mail with a note of dissatisfaction.

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